We are not all about insurance.  A local insurance agent has the opportunity to create their own ethos for their company.  This is best seen in the way insurance opens doors for us at the Brian Galetta Insurance Agency to give back to the community.  We live and work in the same community as our clients.  We might even pass you in the grocery store.   We walk past members of our community everyday, so why not build relationships with them?  At the Brian Galetta Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves in making a difference for our local teachers, firefighters, police officers, sports teams, and other local organizations.

We so much enjoy these opportunities to give back to the community.  It is what makes our job fun.  For example, we brought an ice cream party to a local class.  The sweet “thank you” cards from the class are seen in the image to the right.  Making kids happy, makes us happy. Teachers give selflessly to their students, and this usually out of their own pocket.  When we can come along side a teacher and help them, it is amazing.  Our hope is that this community involvement would one day lead to being part of the community, and to have our agency involved in a non-profit company like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  If you are in Colorado, and know a member of the community that should be acknowledged for all of their hard work, let us know, and they just might be a recipient of our next appreciation event.

We have taken meals to firefighters and police officers during the holidays to show our thanks to them for protecting our community.  We are also involved in local sports teams, and the growth of young atheletes.  It is all about pouring back into the community, so that our community will be a bettter place to live and work.  Insurance is not the most exciting field, but what is exciting is being able to see small impact we can make around the community.  Being in the insurance business allows us to connect with people from all walks of life who work in different areas around the city and state.

This has nothing to do with insurance, but it has everything to do with our community.  In order for us to continue supporting the community, think of the us next time you have an insurance need. Do you know someone who deserves to be appreciated for their efforts in our community?  Call me at (719).434.5600.