Do you ever wonder if your boats, trailers, and other toys are properly insured, or even wonder if you actually need to insure them?  There are a few things to keep in mind when insuring those toys that fulfill your love for the outdoors.  It is a common misconception that possessions that do not require registration are not important to insure.  However, the policies for items such as a 4-wheeler can be as cheap as $10/month. That’s about two cups of Starbucks coffee a month.  Your 4 wheeler is typically not covered under your homeowner’s insurance.  With the low cost of comprehensive coverage, it is a no-brainer to purchase comprehensive coverage for your toys that also provides insurance against theft.

It is quite common for utility trailers to be stolen.  Whether it’s a pop-up camper, or a trailer that you use to transport your lawn mower, it is very important to understand the options with insurance.  By attaching the trailer to your vehicle policy, the insurance is limited, and only insured when the trailer is connected to a car. Next time you are out driving around town, pay attention to the number of trailers detached from cars parked at people’s homes.  This means that if your trailer was stolen, and not attached to your car, it would more than likely not be insured.

Many people also think that it is more expensive to ensure your outdoor toys than it is in reality. We can offer three packages: the saver package, the plus package, and the elite package.  Not only are their different options, but there are also discounts available for taking a safety course, or having your toys in locked storage. If your pop-up camper is in your locked garage, you might qualify for a discount.  Did you know that most home and auto insurance carriers also offer toy and motorcycle insurance?  Yes- that means that you can call us to add your toys to your current policy.  It is pretty convenient to have one person handle all of your insurance policies.

Most towable items can be attached to your auto policy, but that does not mean that the coverage is better. It is great going out with friends for a weekend in the Colorado mountains.  One person can tow your boat, and another person can tow your trailer with 4-wheelers.  Suppose that your friend gets in an accident towing your trailer with their car.  If your trailer is insured on your auto policy, it is not going to be covered when being towed by another vehicle.

Do you have more questions about toy insurance, or do you want to make the great investment of insuring your toys?  Give me a call at (719)434-5600.