About Brian Galetta

Though I am  not technically a Native, I have lived in Colorado Springs since 4 yrs old and definitely consider it to be home.  After graduating from Sand Creek High School I joined the United States Marine Corps where my primary occupation was an Infantryman.  At the conclusion of my contract with the military I decided to come back home and attend college, graduating from UCCS withy my Bachelors of Science in Strength and Conditioning.  From there I always thought I would go on to be a D1 Strength and Conditioning coach and continue working in the field of Athletics which hold a near and dear place in my heart, but as most of us can attest to, life took me down a different path.  I started working at Farmers insurance at the beginning of my college career, just working part time helping an agent get their agency established, and by the time it came to graduate college I realized that being an Insurance Agent is more about People than numbers and sitting in an office all day and that it was something I could see myself loving to do for a long time.  My hobbies include, staying active in my community and my church, I am very active in physical fitness especially wrestling. I enjoy hiking, camping outdoors with my three dogs, and spending quality family time.  I have two sisters, three nephews, two nieces and a loving mother and father who I am lucky have. I am close with my family and I value what family means.  My goals for my career here at Farmers are to achieve a level of professionalism and quality customer service that is not common in the insurance industry. Also, to educate and prepare each and every one of my clients as much as possible so that on their worst day they will know that I will be there for them and that together we have prepared properly.  I’m committed to providing my clients with unmatched customer service and professionalism from my staff and myself, in addition to providing a level of integrity and trust that my clients can rely on.  I will always give them my best efforts to better prepare them and their families for the future. I want to help my clients leave a legacy of love and comfort for their children. People aren’t born understanding insurance. It’s my job to share what I know and help my clients make educated decisions. Let me welcome you into the Farmers family and we’ll make sure you and your loved ones are protected.