Umbrella Insurance.

There are events that happen in life that we cannot foresee.  However, umbrella insurance will help to make sure that you and your family’s assets will be protected in the event of an unexpected circumstance.  The personal umbrella policy provides you with additional liability protection over and above the liability coverage on your underlying policies.  You might ask yourself if you really need umbrella coverage.  Let’s imagine that you are at fault in a car accident with multiple vehicles, and the cost of damages and injuries is $700,000.  Now let’s say that your auto policy limits are only $500,000.  This means that you would be responsible to pay the remaining $200,000.  Your hard earned assets, and future earnings could be at risk if you cannot pay the remaining amount of costs for the accident.  However, an umbrella policy would provide liability limits above your auto policy so that you will most likely not be left paying the remaining fees.  You may need an umbrella policy if you have assets that could be exposed in the case of a judgment against you stemming from owning a home, car, condo, and more.  Call us today and we can get you coverage to help protect your assets and future earnings in the case of an unfortunate circumstance.